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Reflections 1st Place for Outstanding Interpretation  2011-2012

This work received the following award of 1st Place for Outstanding Interpretation over multiple rounds of judging as follows:

Westfield High School PTSA, Fairfax County Cluster 8 Senior Category, Northern Virginia District PTA

Theme:  Diversity means.......

Artist:  Masie Chong

As of March 2012 Masie's work is being judged at the VA State PTA level

Title:  Everyone Has a Story

Artist's statement:

Diversity is the collection of people with different cultures and backgrounds who come together to share knowledge and learn from each other.  Perhaps the most accurate representative of diversity is books with their different covers, sizes, illustrations, objectives and authors.  Most importantly, each book has its own unique story which contributes knowledge, creativity and imagination to the world.  Similar to when people begin to meet new acquaintances and learn about them, books introduce new insights that add to a person's library of knowledge and enable growth as a person. Every person is special, but when people come together to add their two cents, people become inspired and something great is created.